Fresh Roast Plus 8 Major Cleaning

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Fresh Roast Plus 8 Major Cleaning

Postby jcbattle1 » Sun Mar 05, 2017 10:44 am

I recently had a talk with my green-bean supplier in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He had to do a major cleaning of his large roaster because sticky residue had collected below its cooling pan. This caused the beans to continue to cook when they were supposed to cool. He showed me pictures: The buildup was large and gunky. I could appreciate that it would seriously slow down the operation of his commercial roaster.

For about a year, I had been stirring the beans in my Fresh Roast with a culinary chop stick, and it helped overcome the inefficiency I was seeing in my machine. However, I decided to try a bigger cleaning. I set my vacuum on high and removed all the chaff that had collected inside the body of my roaster—through the vent slots, that is. There was a fair amount. However, after talking to my coffee supplier, I decided I would have to dismantle my fifteen-year-old Fresh Roast and check inside. I was very surprised: A fine white lint coated all the parts, including both electrical and mechanical parts. I suppose this comes from one particular particle of chaff that is especially sticky. It must have built up over the years. I wiped and vacuumed until, I had removed all of it.

The end result was complete recovery. Now, I can control the roast perfectly, without stirring it during roasting. I thought my machine was in an unstoppable decline. However, all it needed was a thorough cleaning on the inside of the body. By the way, the screws are quite easy to take out and replace.

John Battle,

Paris, Michigan

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