Thermometer with Heavy Gauge Stovetop

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Thermometer with Heavy Gauge Stovetop

Postby SumwunLost » Sun May 14, 2017 12:55 pm

I'm new to this, so please take that into account when responding!

So I've been using the basic Whirley Pop since December and am upgrading (I hope to the heavy-gauge one. The thermometer that came with the starter kit is pretty useless for my eyesight. So I am contemplating the digital thermometer with the probe. However, I can see dangers with this, too.

First question: how do I insert the thermocouple into the roaster? Just through one of the vents or drill a hole, as I would with the basic thermometer? Any other observations on that issue?

Biggest Concern: making sure the thermocouple stays in place. Having something melt into the beans is not a terribly nice thought! Are there any tips and tricks for making sure that doesn't happen? I am, to be honest, a bit handless when it comes to DIY, so simple but effective is better than complex and really effective.

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